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        Guangzhou is located in the beautiful and fertile Wan Guan Bei Yu Guangzhou

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        Guangzhou is located in the beautiful and fertile Wan Guan Bei Yu Guangzhou, Wuhan Guangzhou High-speed Rail, Beijing Guangzhou railway, 107 National Road 106, adjacent to the beautiful Pearl River too, be close by., the new Baiyun International Airport is expected from the project, land and sea and air transportation is very convenient.
        The company is a design, production of purified water system equipment, water for injection system equipment, clean pipeline engineering and medicine for all kinds of pressure vessels of the enterprise, a pressure vessel production license, is China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and the international society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) members, and in 2000 passed the ISO9001 international quality certification, design water system of manufacturing equipment, a number of manufacturers at home and abroad through USA FDA and EU cGMP certification.
        The company covers an area of 10000 square meters, has a garden style and new plant construction area of 6000 square meters. The technical team has a first-class professional team composed of senior engineers, pure water, distilled water equipment experts, clean pipeline designer, architect, engineer, membrane separation equipment and automation control engineers and other experts, responsible for the design, the concept of URS from the device, equipment installation and 3Q verification and other aspects of the work, the whole turnkey the concept of.
        The company's products are exported to all over the country and abroad, used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, electronics and other fields. The company produced a series of water purification equipment, water for injection and batching system to reach the domestic advanced level, and has been highly appreciated by the food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry customers; all kinds of storage tank, mixing tank, tank and other products, enjoys a high reputation in the food, chemical and other industries. At the same time, the project of sanitary pipe engineering, batching system the company installed, according to the design requirements of GMP, installation, ensure the GMP certification or other foreign certification can pass. And can be tailored to customers, personalized and specialized in one. Over the years the company with excellent service, excellent quality, reasonable price business philosophy, market has been increasing year by year, has a strong construction team and perfect parts procurement system, completely fulfill the contract and with the supply of security capabilities.
        The company in the business and business cooperation, fair and reasonable, with the purpose of mutual benefit, combined with the user's needs and interests, to the high-tech, high quality, wing and constantly open up, innovation. The company has a strong customer service repair services, for the majority of users to provide perfect service and to assist in the training of the technical personnel to operate and repair personnel.

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