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        • Name of commodity: Multi-effect still
        • Product number: 0002
        • On time: 2012-06-15
        • Views : 705

        1、design standard:


        ISO 9001:2000 

         Pressure Equipment Directive  Certification

        ASME BPE 2007

        l  International Electric Code IEC 60204-1/EN 60204-1

        2、Product feature

        2.1   Three-Stage Separation Process

        The three-stage separation process ensures high quality WFI free of endotoxins, pyrogens anddroplets.


        The three-stage separation provides:Separation by falling film evaporation,Gravity separation and Centrifugal separation

        3、Continuous blowdown

        All impurities,pyrogens and harmful particles in feed water is considered "blowdown" and is directed to drain.

        Reliable distillation in all process conditions

        Highest WFI quality

        4、Mature expanding tube technology 

        4.1 Mature technology of martial treatment, fit for expanding.

        4.2 Advance technology of tube expanding to achieve the best stability.


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