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        • Name of commodity: Preparation/CIP/SIP integration system
        • Product number: 0006
        • On time: 2012-06-15
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        Modularity design is a kind of effective method which can coordinating diverse needs of customers, rapid response and reduce the cost of product.Preparation/CIP system combine with mixing,clean and disinfection.Modularity design is to put the thick and thin with filtration, sterilization, clean liquid transportation process combination in a modular device.This method make the system convenient to operate, material airtight operation, reduce two-way pollution, meet the requirements of GMP.It is mainly apply in big infusion, , freeze-dried injection, vaccines and other solution's dissolution,mixing, cleaning and sterilization.


        1、Automatic operation mode,to protect the production loss from incorrect personal operation .


        2、CIP product with PLC control,record and save parameters and steps in cleaning process,meet the requirements of the cGMP traceability and illustrative, It can effectively separated and save space.


        3、SIP product with PLC control,record and save the parameters and steps in disinfection process,meet the requirements of the cGMP traceability and accountability.

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