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        After sale service commitment


        First, service content
        1, our company equipment, provide solutions and implementation of the project, our company provides GMP verification software and hardware production information, to ensure that the test passed.
        2, the company's products using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, quality in line with the relevant provisions of the contract and the level of advanced design, leading the domestic industry of manufacturing.
        3, to ensure the supply, installation and commissioning, and at the same time, free of charge for the training of operator and maintenance personnel.
        4, the purchase of equipment, except for man-made damage, quality problems of products for one year free warranty, life-long service to provide technical support and spare parts.
        5, such as equipment failure, the use of party received notice, 48 hours after sale service personnel rushed to the scene to deal with.
        6, every year to my company's equipment for two regular inspection and maintenance.


        Two, after-sales service guarantee measures
        1, wearing parts and spare parts list for customers, but also in our company for the record, can ensure that every other parts are accurate and reliable, and interchangeable 100%;
        2, the user demand for 2 hours, to provide spare parts information and quotation;
        3, the supply of spare parts directly by the sales department (and only charge the cost price)
        Tel: TEL:020-86868366 Fax: FAX:020-86868355
        4, to provide the required items;
        Provide spare parts required responsible person: Chen Zhishan
        5, the company each kind of product design and manufacture can be long and trouble free operation and maintenance of the content to a minimum, comprehensive training skilled operating personnel technical equipment, and the master routine maintenance content.