Guangzhou Wanguan Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Auto City Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou City. The company is a collection of design and production of purified water system equipment, water injection system equipment, batching liquid distribution system, clean pipeline engineering and various types of pressure vessels for medicine. It has a pressure vessel production license, is a member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and International Pharmaceutical Engineering Society (ISPE), and has passed ISO9001 international quality certification in 2000. The designed and manufactured water system equipment has many domestic and foreign companies. All manufacturers have successfully passed the US FDA and EU GMP certification. Contact number: 400-8071138, Tel: 020-86868366

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Why choose Guangzhou Wanguan Water Treatment Equipment?

Your tailor-made cost-effective pharmaceutical water equipment


Advanced and mature technology

Have the ability from design, production, installation, acceptance, CMP verification


Guaranteed quality and reduced manufacturing costs

ISO9001 and high-tech enterprises, stable supply channels of raw materials



Guangzhou Wanguan has a design and construction team with many years of experience


success case

For many years, we have provided various pharmaceutical water equipment for major domestic pharmaceutical companies


Private custom

Non-standard equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of enterprises


After-sales advantage

Guangzhou Wanguan adheres to the customer first, the original factory guarantee, let you rest assured!

6 major advantages

Your tailor-made cost-effective pharmaceutical water equipment

Modernizing production models
Modernizing production models
Self-built workshop, equipped with advanced CNC production equipment

Has skilled production personnel, equipped with advanced CNC production equipment.

Brand raw material supplier

Comprehensive technology, wide customers, brand accessories.

Siemens, ABB, Baodi, King Lai, Alfa Laval, Grundfos, JUMO, Azbil, GEM

Strategic and branding of raw material supply and procurement
Standardized design concept
Standardized design concept
Have the design according to the actual needs of customers

Design and customize equipment functions according to the actual needs of customers

Timely product delivery

Free door-to-door service, one-stop shopping. Save your time!

Have a professional team to ensure the ability to deliver products

Timely product delivery
Equipment operation is stabilized
Equipment operation is stabilized
Professional team, fast construction. Speed up for you!

Combined with advanced treatment technology at home and abroad, it is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving

Intimate after-sales service

Original factory warranty, lifetime maintenance. Let you worry!

Free warranty period of up to one year, long-term free consulting services, equipped with professional maintenance personnel.

Intimate after-sales service

We are here to help you

Questions about our machines and equipment? Looking for help with a unique application? Need help with budget estimates to determine overall equipment costs to assess whether your project is reasonable? Please feel free to contact us - we will be happy to help.


In the company's operation and cooperation business, with the purpose of fairness, reasonableness, mutual benefit, combined with the needs and interests of users, Yiyi is high-tech, high-quality, and constantly develops and innovates. The company has a strong after-sales maintenance service department, which can provide customers with timely and comprehensive services and assist in the training of relevant operating technicians and maintenance personnel.

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