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After-sales service content

1. For the equipment configured by our company, the solutions provided, and the projects implemented, our company provides GMP verification software and hardware production materials to ensure the smooth passing of the buyer's verification.

2. The company's products use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, the quality conforms to the contract and relevant regulations, and the design and manufacturing level of the domestic industry is at the forefront.

3. Guarantee on-time supply, installation and commissioning, and train operators and maintenance personnel for the buyer free of charge.

4. Except for the damage caused by human factors, the purchased equipment is guaranteed for one year free of charge for product quality problems, and provides technical support and accessories services for life.

5. If the equipment fails, after the supplier receives the notification from the user, the after-sales service personnel will rush to the scene to deal with it within 48 hours.

6. Carry out two irregular inspections and maintenance of our company's equipment every year.


After-sales service guarantee measures

1. Provide customers with a list of damaged parts and spare parts, and record them in our company to ensure that each part is accurate and reliable, and has 100% interchangeability;

2. Provide spare parts information and quotations within 2 hours of the user's request;

3. Spare parts are directly supplied by the sales department (and only charge the cost price) Tel: 020-86868366

4. Provide the required items; provide the spare parts required by the customer. Person in charge: Chen Zhishan

5. The design and manufacture of various products of the company can be operated without failure for a long time, and the maintenance content is minimized. The comprehensive training enables the operators of the equipment to be skilled and master the content of daily maintenance.

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