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The biopharmaceutical industry is gathering a wave of development and will soon usher in new market opportunities!

With intelligent manufacturing as the core, the Leweiyuanda Health and Smart Industrialization Centralized Procurement Project will promote the large-scale and intensive development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry in a bio-pharmaceutical industrial park, and strive to create a "modern" and "intelligent" pharmaceutical production. "Clustered" Buchang Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization Integration Project, Buchang Pharmaceutical Xuanfeibaidu Granules, which was officially launched and included in the National Medical Insurance Catalogue ……Nowadays, walking on the site of major biomedical projects in the High-tech Zone, We can really feel the wave of the agglomeration and development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Stem cell therapy "born" with a halo may trigger the third revolution in medical history

Cell therapy, also known as stem cell transplantation therapy and biological therapy, refers to the transplantation or infusion of normal or bioengineered human cells into the body of a patient. The newly imported cells can replace damaged cells or have stronger immune killing functions. achieve the purpose of treating the disease.

Study discovers new molecular drug target that provides ideas for developing new cancer drugs

Researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and the Richard J. Solove Institute (OSUCCC – James) have identified a new molecular drug target that may produce fewer side effects New anticancer drugs.

Bio-innovative drugs "cut a figure" in the global market. How can domestic pharmaceutical companies seize the opportunity to go abroad?

After nearly ten years of development, my country's biopharmaceutical industry has begun to emerge in the global market. Some of the innovative biological drugs approved and marketed by the drug regulatory authorities in recent years are listed for the first time in the world, meeting the needs of global patients for biological drugs. The research of the "Economic Information Daily" shows that the bio-innovative drug industry is helping my country to transform and upgrade from a big country in medicine to a strong country in medicine.
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